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gina and brianThe Colonial Fox Theatre has long been an important landmark in the fabric of our downtown. For many, the theatre serves as a passage to memories of another time and is a beloved historical treasure in our community. For others, the theatre represents the promise of an energetic and engaged downtown district. Whatever your sentiment, the revitalization of this exquisite theatre will not only preserve an important historic resource, but also expand pride in our region and create new opportunities for economic growth and development in the downtown district.

Now is the time to re-establish this important cultural gathering place that once brought vitality to our city. Restored and re-purposed as the region’s premier art-film screening room and intimate cultural arts center, the Colonial Fox will characterize Pittsburg’s downtown district as the glowing heart of the region.

With the Colonial Fox Theatre, we have the opportunity to provide this generation and future generations with a resource that will draw visitors and businesses and become a catalyst for creating the energetic and thriving community we all desire. We have the opportunity to present to our community and region a beautifully restored historic venue which will offer new artistic experiences and enhance the rich artistic diversity we have always enjoyed.

With your help, we can make the Colonial Fox Theatre a reality. Past generations have gifted us with a rich downtown heritage which can be developed to engage and inspire a vibrant future. An investment in the Colonial Fox Theatre is an investment in this vibrant future. Please join us in this important project.

Dr. Gina & Mr. Brian Pinamonti
Co-chairs of the Colonial Fox Theatre Foundation

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