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Back To Broadway

Soundcheck Concert

August 24, 2019

7:00 p.m.

Featuring Zero 2 Panic

Back To Broadway

Back To Broadway Celebration!

August 17, 2019

7:00 p.m.

LIVE MUSIC starting at 7:00p.m. Featuring regional favorites – The Ben Miller Band. Special celebratory price of $5 for Block22 residents, PSU Students and their families, $15 for the general public. Seating is limited! Buy your tickets today! For ticket information at colonialfox.org or call 620-235-0622.

Back To Broadway

Soundcheck Concert

July 20, 2019

7:00 p.m.

Featuring The Higher Ed Band

Back To Broadway

Soundcheck Concert

July 6, 2019

7:00 p.m.

Featuring The Ridge Runnerzz

Back To Broadway

Soundcheck Concert

June 22, 2019

7:00 p.m.

Featuring Ryan Hall

Back To Broadway

Soundcheck Concert

June 4, 2019

7:00 p.m.

Featuring Left of Center

Back To Broadway

Soundcheck Concert

May 4, 2019

7:00 p.m.

Featuring Joey Pogue, Johnny Rose and the J3 band


Dana Louise & the Glorious Birds

February 14, 2018


Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds will be in concert on Wednesday, February 14th, at 7:30 p.m. Reservations are required and seating is limited. Tickets are $35 with all proceeds going to the revitalization of the Colonial Fox Theatre. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Reserve your seats before they are gone!

Chris Thomas King

April 21, 2018


Multi-talented Grammy Award-winning blues artist, producer, composer and actor, Chris Thomas King grew up among the finest blues musicians in the genre at his father’s famed Baton Rouge blues club, Tabby's Blues Box and at Heritage Hall. Chris began touring with artists like Buddy Guy and B. B. King in his teens. Initially known for his audacious fusion of blues and hip-hop, Chris Thomas King reached a whole new audience with the Coen Brothers film O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues

June 23, 2018


PSU & the Colonial Fox team up for the finale of the 2018 Pittsburg Chamber Music Festival. Few can claim to have forged an entirely original genre of music. Corky Siegel did just that. Guiding the blues out of the smoky caverns of Big John's and Pepper's Lounge and onto the stages of the Chicago Symphony, New York Philharmonic and beyond, Corky reaches across the globe from different sides of the musical landscape, dissolving the walls between genre and people to take us to places we have never been before.

The Brimstone Coolers

August 11, 2018

7:30 p.m.

Lemuel Sheppard (saxaphone), Todd McGeorge (percussion), Tim McGeorge (rhythm guitar) and Joe Robinson (bass) bring their unique blend of blues, rock, reggae, funk and jazz to the stage. The Brimstone Coolers played the Southeast Kansas scene in the early 1990s and reunite after 23 years for this one-night-only concert.

Back to Broadway!

August 18, 2018

3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Experience downtown Pittsburg in a whole new way at the 2018 Back to Broadway Celebration!

The Colonial Fox Theatre Foundation, in partnership with Pittsburg State University, the City of Pittsburg, and Westar Energy, is hosting the Back to Broadway Celebration on August 18, 2018 in conjunction with move-in day for students at the new Block22 housing at 4th and Broadway.

This celebration involves the entire community of Pittsburg in welcoming new and returning PSU students and the Block22 student residents to Downtown Pittsburg by introducing them to the entertainment, shopping, restaurant and service options that their neighborhood and the city has to offer.

At the same time, this enables the Pittsburg to display the Colonial Fox Theatre and surrounding block as they were intended in the past and for the future – for enjoying live music, having great evenings with friends, and gathering as a city to celebrate the incredible revitalization of our downtown hub. 

Where will we be celebrating?

  • In the Theatre – LIVE MUSIC starting at 6:30 featuring two regional favorites – The Diana Louise Quartet and Jacob Tovar & the Saddle Tramps.  Tickets are only $5 for Block22 residents, their guests and other PSU students with a valid Student ID; $15 for everyone else. Because seating is limited, students may purchase their tickets now through July 31.  Tickets will be sold to the general public for $15 starting August 1 at colonialfox.org or by calling 620-235-0622.
  • On the Street – STREET FAIR from 3:00-5:30 for local businesses, restaurants, churches and food trucks. Introduce yourselves and your product to the students, their families, and the community. Booth spaces are $50 for businesses and restaurants, $75 for food trucks. No charge for churches.  Register for booth space at www.colonialfox.org/backtobroadway
  • In the Lot – BEER GARDEN - a shady tented spot next to the Colonial Fox from 3:00-9:30 for enjoying a drink before the shows or just day-drinking in the shade. A few good beers, wines, and a special cocktail will be available for purchase.            

We sincerely hope you will join us to celebrate this milestone for Downtown Pittsburg.

Friday Flix: Rocky Horror Picture Show

September 14, 2018

8:00 p.m.

Featuring the RKO Floor Show Shadow Cast!

Byron Berline Band

October 12, 2018

7:30 p.m.

Known as one of the most sought after session fiddlers, three-time National Fiddle Champion Byron Berline has been touted as “one of the most inventive fiddlers ever.” His skill, versatility and artistry are recognized by his peers, the press and audiences world-wide. Grammy nominee Byron Berline brings his band; Billy Perry, Thomas Trapp, Greg Burgess, Richard Sharp and Steve Short for an exciting evening of traditional bluegrass and Western swing.

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

Chuck Mead & His Grassy Knoll Boys

December 2, 2017


For the first time in over 40 years the Colonial Fox Theatre will present a Mainstage Concert. Chuck Mead & His Grassy Knoll Boys hail from Nashville, Tennessee. Chuck Mead, former front man of the Grammy Nominated band, BR5-49, will bring his Grassy Knoll Boys and their electrifying mix of traditional Country, rhythmic Western Swing and high energy Rockabilly to the Colonial Fox Theatre.

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

October 21 2017


This unique collaborative effort between two uniquely gifted musicians is bound to be a revelation to traditional music fans on several counts. Rob Ickes is a longtime, well-established instrumental giant, and Trey Hensley is newly arrived in Music City, bursting with talent both as a vocalist and guitarist. Their new album, Before the Sun Goes Down, is slated for release this winter.

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

Friday Flix Presents: Rocky Horror Picture Show

September 15 2017 at 9:00pm

Rated R

Straight-laced newlyweds find themselves stumbling into a castle when their car halts in a rainstorm. The evening takes a stranger turn when they meet the evil Dr. Frank-N-Furter!

Featuring the RKO Floor Show Shadow Cast!

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

Friday Flix Presents: Toy Story

August 18 2017 at 9:00pm

Rated G

Imagination runs rampant when toys become mobile when not watched. Two toys, Woody and Buzz Lightyear despise each other like no other. But, when the toys are separated from their home, a truce is formed between them all in an effort to journey home.

Bella Donna

Lindsay Lou & The Flat Bellys

April 1 2017


Having earned their name late night at a Michigan Bluegrass festival from a fellow picker who proclaimed, "It's good to see you Flatbellys out here pickin with us Greybeards," today Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys keep one foot in The Great Lakes State and the soul of Motown, and one in Music City, USA: Nashville, TN. They still embody the soul of a good jam or late night pickin’ session, and also have honed in on a sound that’s entirely their own drawing from soul, blues, folk, jazz and maybe even a traces of that techno beat. When asked what he thought about LLFBs new record, lead singer and mandolinist of the highly acclaimed band Greensky Bluegrass said, “What do I love about 'Ionia'? Let's keep it simple. Everything.”

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

Friday Flix Presents: Gremlins

June 9 2017 at 9:30pm

Rated PG

A boy inadvertently breaks three important rules concerning his new pet and unleashes a horde of malevolently mischievous monsters on a small town.

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

Ruthie Foster

June 17 2017


Ruthie Foster was born in the small rural town of Gause, TX. Raised in a family of gospel singers, Ruthie first learned to sing during worship services at her community church. With a chapel-bred bravado trained on the works of powerful women such as Mavis Staples and Aretha Franklin, her sound grew into an inspired blend of blues, folk and gospel. To date, Ruthie’s artistry and creative output have both been lauded with accolades on regional and national platforms. Outside of her 2010, 2012 and 2014 Grammy nominations, Ruthie has been recognized by organizations such as the Austin Music Awards (2007, 2008 and 2013 Best Female Vocalist), Blues Music Awards (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013), Living Blues Awards (2010 Critics’ Poll Winner and 2011 nominee for Blues Female Artist of the Year).

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

Friday Flix Presents: Inside Out

July 14 2017 at 9:30pm

Rated PG

Like all of us, Riley is guided by her emotions - Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. The emotions live in Headquarters, the control center inside Riley's mind, where they help advise her through everyday life.


The Way Down Wanderers

April 23rd 2016 at 7:30pm

Equal parts fast-paced and soulful, 5-piece modern-folk Americana act, The Way Down Wanderers, draw listeners in with energy, originality and soulful generosity. Playing, performing and writing together for just over a year, the Wanderers have built an enthusiastic and fast-growing following across the country, earning Deli Magazine's Readers Choice title of “Chicago’s Best Emerging Artist, 2014.”

Jurassic Park

June 17th 2016 at 9:00pm

An age-old fantasy becomes a reality as dinosaurs are genetically re-created for the ultimate theme park in this adaptation of Michael Crichton’s best-selling novel, Jurassic Park.

Tallgrass Roadshow

July 15th 2016 at 9:15pm

The Tallgrass Road Show is a mobile outreach program that showcases a selection of short films from previous Tallgrass Film Festivals.

The Wizard of Oz

September 4th at 8:30pm

Dorothy Gale is swept away to a magical land in a tornado and embarks on a quest to see the Wizard who can help her return home.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

September 9th at 8:00pm

Straight-laced newlyweds find themselves stumbling into a castle when their car halts in a rainstorm. The evening takes a stranger turn when they meet the evil Dr. Frank-N-Furter!

The Cate Brothers

September 17th at 7:30pm

The Cate Brothers are the singer-songwriter-musician duo of Earl and Ernie Cate, twin brothers from Fayetteville, Arkansas, who in the mid-1960s became performers of southern soul music at clubs and dances throughout the regional South of the United States. Both brothers are singers, with Earl on guitar and Ernie on piano. They became prolific recording artists during the mid to late 1970s, and again since the mid-1990s.

Bella Donna

October 15th at 7:30pm

Bella Donna is a jazz ensemble influenced by the Ozarks. The creak of tree limbs in the winter, the summer sounds of cicadas, and the rolling hills off highway 65 have helped influence their sound to create what they like to call "Ozark Jazz".


SigEp 5K Run

April 18 - start time TBA




Danny Cox

April 18 - 7:30 p.m.


The Incredibles

The Incredibles (PG)

May 8 - 8:45 p.m.

Bob and Helen Parr are loving parents living in the suburbs. What no one knows is that they're also superheros! Watch Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl save the day!


steel weels

Steel Wheels

May 29 - 6:30 p.m.




Jurassic Park (Rated PG-13)

June 12 - 9:00 p.m.

An age-old fantasy becomes a reality as dinosaurs are genetically re-created for the ultimate theme park in this adaptation of Michael Crichton’s best-selling novel, Jurassic Park.



Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Rated G)

July 10 - 9:15 p.m.

Enigmatic candy manufacturer Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) stages a contest by hiding five golden tickets in five of his scrumptious candy bars. Whoever comes up with these tickets will win a free tour of the Wonka factory, as well as a lifetime supply of candy.


How to Train Your Dragon (PG)

August 14 - 8:45 p.m.

Hiccup, a Viking teenager who doesn't exactly fit in with his tribe's longstanding tradition of heroic dragon slayers encounters a dragon that challenges he and his fellow Vikings to see the world from an entirely different point of view.



The Tallgrass Road Show (PG-13)

September 4 - 8:15 p.m.

The Tallgrass Road Show is a mobile outreach program that showcases a selection of short films from previous Tallgrass Film Festivals.



David Basse

Sept 26 - 7:30 p.m.




kelly hunt

Kelley Hunt

October 24 -7:30 p.m.



The Incredibles

The Incredibles

May 16th - PG




kelly hunt

American Graffiti

June 20th - PG




kelly hunt

Some Like it Hot

July 18th - PG




kelly hunt

Tallgrss Roadshow

August 15th -7:30 p.m.



kelly hunt

Brewer and Shipley

September 25th -7:30 p.m.

Our Backstage Concert Series is back with Brewer & Shipley, famous American folk-rock duo.



kelly hunt

Bella Donna

October 25th -7:30 p.m.




Sleepless In Seattle

August 16th -8:40 p.m.



The Music Man

July 19th -9:15 p.m.



Raiders of the Lost Ark

June 21st -9:15 p.m.




May 17th -9:00 p.m.




Polar Express

November 9th -5:45 p.m.



The Goonies

October 19th -7:00 p.m.



Rocky Horror Picture Show

September 21th -9:00 p.m.



Toy Story 3

August 17th -9:00 p.m.



The Sound of Music

July 20th -9:00 p.m.




June 15th -9:00 p.m.



The Sting

May 18th -9:00 p.m.




Polar Express

November 11th




October 21st



Toy Story 3

September 16th -Cancelled



Rocky Horror Picture Show

August 19th



The Princess Bride

July 15th




June 17th



The Sting

May 20th -Cancelled



Shamrock Festival

March 5th




Polar Express

November 6th



Back to the Future

October 15th



Rocky Horror Picture Show

September 17th




August 20th



Singin' in the Rain

July 16th



Where the Wild Things Are

June 18th



Finding Nemo

May 21st



Shamrock Festival

March 6th




Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein

October 23rd



Pirates of the Caribbean

September 18th




August 21st




July 24th




June 19th



Shamrock Festival

March 7th




Polar Express

November 30th



Rocky Horror Picture Show

September 13th




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